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WRAP TANK 2L, 3L (must/hall)

WRAP TANK 2L, 3L (must/hall)

A new attractive re-designed version of our most popular outdoor system.
Low profile design allows better fit into different backpacks.
The new wrap tank is all about INSULATION.
Use it in any weather conditions.
It's the ultimate model for any adventure!

Technical Features

  • Replaceable reservoir
  • System is renewable with extremely low cost replacement
  • Built-in Durabag technology ensures crush and leak proof container
  • Airtight low profile NC filler cap compatible with filtration accepts ice cubes
  • Integrated refill handle ensures easy refill with no spills, Weave covered™ tube keeps the first to last sip cool and bacteria free
  • Carry handle for easy transport, hanging or pack loading
  • 4 ladder lock buckles for mounting the Wraptank on equipment
  • Tube top outlet prevents bouncing in transport
  • Tube clip provides close access to liquid supply

  • 220 micron Co extruded PE film
  • Heavy-duty 600D PES fabric X2 PU coated
  • 5mm closed cell PE full insulation keeps water cool for hours
Liquid capacity
2 Liter (70oz)
3 Liter (100oz)

Hind: €26,84

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